1. Wood species varies based on what can be sourced in our location and available volume. Majority will be Oak, Maple, Cedar, and Poplar. Specific species available upon request as long as we can source it but may add up to 2 additional weeks processing time.
  2. Shipping costs and processing time dependent on location.
  3. Dimensions are estimates and will depend on salvaged wood pieces but the measurements will be uniform. Contact us with questions..
  4. Reclaimed wood appearance will vary based on species, age and prior use. Flaws should be expected and provide the character inherent to reclaimed wood.
  5. Some re-purposed wood may contain old nails, particles and aged chemicals used in it's former life, while we take extra effort to remove the nails and debris, we assume zero risk or liability from customer injury while handling the product. Take precautions when mounting the item. Purchasers of this product understand this risk at the time of sale.