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Woodpeckers Measuring Tools Unboxing with Wooden Case French Cleat Mod

Woodpeckers Measuring Tools Unboxing with Wooden Case French Cleat Mod

Welcome back to another WoodShaped video. Why do I have so many WoodPeckers measuring tools? Well, you see, precision woodworking begins with precision measuring tools. The right measuring tool can make or break a project in my opinion. The WoodPeckers tools are seriously top notch. I've used measuring tools from the big box stores and they lack greatly in precision. We'll see how these stand the test of time but I think I will not be disappointed. 

I made somewhat of a large order. I had really had my eyes set on the 24 inch T-Square and it was practically sold out and/or on back order from every online store including Amazon. I decided to order straight from the WoodPeckers online store since they had the best prices. The 24 inch T-Square was so in demand a couple months back that someone on Amazon was actually selling one at double the price. Imagine that? Anyway, I made my online order and surprisingly, everything shipped quickly despite the back ordered status and the 24 inch T-Square came in the first shipment. I also ordered the Mini Square, the Heavy Duty .9mm Mechanical pencil (for use with T-Squares), 12 inch T-Square, Precision Triangle Combo 4.375"&6.25", as well as the SERX Straight edge rule 36". Last but not least the Woodworking Rule bundle which includes the 6", 12", 24", 36" and 49" - There's nothing I can't measure or bring square at this point. The SERX straight edge has been invaluable for setting my jointer to co-planer.

In this video I show you my adventurous unboxing, everything came UPS except the SERX straight edge which came USPS due to the longer length. I'm still waiting on the 6", 24", 36", and 49" rules expected sometime later this month but that has been pushed back a few times already but I'm really in no rush for those although they will make great additions to my collections.

I've already been putting these measuring tools to good use. Our every Thursday night wood night is a blast and all the guys love using the WoodPeckers measuring tools and since I have plenty to go around we are knocking out some solid a precise projects.

Don't get me wrong, WP measuring is not the end all be all, these measuring tools are not the only precise tools out there, the Incra rules are very nice as well and reasonably priced and I plan on adding a few of those to my collection also. Look for that video in the future. The plus side to WP measuring tools is these things will have a great resale value if I ever decide to part with them, especially anything that is a One Time tool.

After I've unboxed all the measuring tools, it's time to put french cleats on each wooden case. I used Pure Bond Birch plywood left over from my french cleat project. I have plenty of wood on hand which is nice since I'll be putting up more tools in the very near future. At this point, if you've seen my French Cleat Wall video, you know the drill on putting up tools. I just attach the cleats with Titebond II glue and brad nails. I use the Senco Finish Pro 21LXP pin nailer which uses compressed air. So it's just a matter of glue and pin nails, rinse and repeat and then position the wooden cases how I want them on the French Cleat wall. 

Stay tuned for my brief review on the EyeMuffs G6 eye/ear protection!

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► Materials:
3/4 inch PureBond Birch Plywood
Purchased from Home Depot 


Senco Finish Pro 21XP 21ga Pinner-

PowRyte 300 PSI Reinforced Air Hose-

Capri Tools 2-Way Air Blow Gun-

EPAuto Industrial Type D 1/4-Inch Coupler and Plug Kit-

CADEX M-25-10M 21 Gauge Slight Headed 1" Brad Nails-

WoodPeckers Precision Woodworking tools 1281R Woodworking square -

FastCap Glu-Bot Glue Bottle (16 Ounces) -

KREG TOOL KHC3 Kreg Wood Project Clamp with Automaxx, 3" -

Lufkin L625SCTMP 1-Inch by 25-Feet Hi-Viz Self Centering Orange Power Return Tape -

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