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Modern Farmhouse Oak Dining Table Part 2 - Aprons & Legs // How To - Woodworking

Modern Farmhouse Oak Dining Table Part 2 - Aprons & Legs // How To - Woodworking

Welcome to the second installment of the Modern Farmhouse dining table. In this second video we are finishing up the aprons and legs. These two items were some of the slowest parts in the build but it's satisfying to see the table come together at this point and it really starts to take shape. I'm still amazed at how you can take a couple 8/4 pieces of lumber and turn them into exact dimensional pieces, all the same size. I'm of course talking about the aprons, supports, whatever you want to call them. Stepping back for a minute I started by cutting the corners of the table top to fit the legs as well as cutting the table ends to make them flush and clean. After the aprons were fully milled I began to cut each piece to fit the outline of the table. The plans call for a 1 inch inset on the outer edge which I think gives the table a nice look. You'll see during the reveal. I put 2 supports perpendicular to the side  in the middle of the table for added support as well as all along the length of the table bottom. I specifically made the end grain visible for the middle supports to give the table an extra bit of craftsmanship.  Check out my Instagram feed for shots of that. After the aprons were complete and installed I continued to mill the legs. I say continue because this was a long process to get the proper dimensions.The legs were first milled at the planer and this was because they were very very rough and I've worn down my carbide inserts before working with the table top wood. Once they were cleaned up at the planer, it was then to the jointer for square milling then back to the planer to make faces parallel. Once the legs were in good shape and to the correct dimensions I began preparing them with the attachments that would be used. One face of each leg would receive a hanger bolt, the other a T-slot where a bolt with washer would sit behind the slot providing the anchor to secure the leg to the corner apron. If you have an questions on how to install a hanger bolt, let me know. If you are driving thick bolts like I was, it's quite a workout indeed. I drilled holes for both the hanger bolt and the t-slot on all 4 legs. The hanger bolt was driven in with 2 wrenches producing friction with two nuts tighten against each other, then I just continued to turn clock wise while keeping the nuts tights. For the T-slot, I drilled a larger hole offset from the desired attachment location on the leg and then routed a slot in line with the location to ensure the bolt would line up with the apron hole. Once the legs were done, it was time for a dry fit. Perfect fit! I had to do a little tweaking on one hole in the apron in order to fit the bolt for one t-slot hole but once that was done, everything fit nicely. My wife was ecstatic and insisted on a dry fit of the table in the dining room, so I agreed. We needed to see what it would be like to lift this table, It's heavy to say the least but that's the beauty of it, a table that will last a lifetime despite all the family wear and tear. I hope you enjoyed video two, let me know what you thought! Thanks for watching!!

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Ryoba 9 1/2 " Japanese Saw:

WoodPeckers Precision Woodworking tools 1281R Woodworking square -

Makita BO5041K 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander Kit -

Milwaukee Miter Saw:

Kreg K5:

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Lufkin L625SCTMP 1-Inch by 25-Feet Hi-Viz Self Centering Orange Power Return Tape -

Wood Is Good WD205 Mallet, 18-Ounce

Bessey 3 3/4 inch K Body Revo Fixed Jaw Parallel Clamps

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