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Journal Box from Log to Lumber with Book Matched Lid // How To - Woodworking

Journal Box from Log to Lumber with Book Matched Lid // How To - Woodworking

Welcome back to another WoodShaped video!

In this build I create a unique Journal Box for my wife's birthday. She is really big into Journaling and so this was a definite must for a project and I'm so happy how this turned out.

I was given a few stumps and logs end of last year that had been drying for at least a few years. The logs had not been sliced or milled so there was a lot of cracking and checking but I was able to find some very good quality pieces, figured and with a ton of character for this project. This was truly a log to lumber to project scenario and my first time taking the wood directly from a log. I really enjoyed this process.

After slicing the pieces I wanted on the bandsaw both for the sides, top and bottom I continued to mill the wood as I normally do using my jointer, planer and table saw. I decided to do mitered corners and just butted them up against each other. Similar with the bottom piece. Once the pieces were all cut and ready I started to build the box.

I glued up the box lid with two pieces that I resewed down the middle creating a book matched lid. I glued those together with Titebond II. I glued the 4 sides and the bottom in 2 glue ups and while I ran into a few clamping issues. I made it work. I used a few brad nails along the way which I did not include in the footage.

Once I had all pieces glued up, I finished the final side rips for the lid piece and then moved on to attaching the lid with the hinges. I had some black hinges on hand which I thought would go well with the design of the box. I had to trim the screws down a little so they would not protrude to the other side.

In order to allow the hinges to lay flush I routed out a recess to sink them down a bit. I also cut out room for the hinge center . The hinges were somewhat hidden from the front and I was very happy with the results. The lid closed perfectly.

The final step was to use my Diablo flush trim bit on the sides and back and then sand. I left the front of the lid untouched as a design element with the live edge. In the end, this made the box lid look like a real open book, similar to journaling, we pour out our thoughts.

By request from my wife, I did not put a finish on this, we'll see, someday maybe I'll convince her!

Thanks for watching!

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