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Live Edge Charcuterie Serving Board //  How To - Woodworking

Live Edge Charcuterie Serving Board // How To - Woodworking

Hello and welcome to another WoodShaped video! I wanted to knock out another video of a simple and quick project and with all the lumber I have on hand, I decided to slice a piece off of a log and make a charcuterie board or a serving board but NOT to be used for a cutting board of course, due to the epoxy and you don’t want to go cutting epoxy unless you feel like eating some which I do not recommend.

I started by slicing down the log just to expose enough wood to get live edge all around the board. The first cut that i made was clean up, I then made another slice off camera (I failed to catch it) that would be used for the project. The piece was perfect because due to the angle of the log there was already a chamfer created around the edge to make grabbing the board easier. In addition the board would have a natural tear drop shape which was a nice added touch.

Once my choice piece of wood was obtained I started knocking off the loose bark. I was able to get some removed but then needed to go with the chisel to remove the remaining bark. I use an older chisel for this type of work so as not to create cut marks all along the side.

Sanding came next. I just used an 80 grit pad to knock off the rest of the layer below the bark. I made sure not to sand all the way to the sap wood as I wanted to leave some live edge to give the board more character. After using the orbital sander I also hand sanded with 120 grit.

I debated on creating a hole in the handle for hanging the board but after talking with my wife she wanted one so I drilled holes to create an oval shape to match the board. Once the holes were drilled next came more higher grit sanding, 220 and 320 grit. I stopped there and it turned out super smooth.

For finish I applied mineral oil that you can get at the big box store, I applied twice. Once the oil was absorbed I applied the So Cal board wax. I love that stuff and it gives the piece an awesome smell. Once applied this build was done!!

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