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Installing a Cabinet Maker's Front Vise - Workbench Add On // How To - Woodworking

Installing a Cabinet Maker's Front Vise - Workbench Add On // How To - Woodworking

Welcome to the WoodShaped channel!

In this video I take piece of Maple to create a thicker WorkBench clamping area for my Carpenter's Front Vise and then I install the device.

This install can be done with any available WorkBench Top. Often times you can find salvaged butcher blocks that folks have used in a kitchen or elsewhere. You can add additional hardwood all the way around as aprons as I'm starting to do here.

I start by milling up the Maple that I have on hand. I wanted to go with something with additional weight even though after this process there won't be nearly enough weight to keep the bench from moving around. I'll have to add more weight later.

Once I had my choice of maple piece chosen I continued to mill and square it up on all 4 sides. I chose a length that would be proportionate with the width of my Saw Horses.

When the piece was prepared thoroughly and with the correct dimensions I started to center it on the workbench top after I had flipped the top over to do a bottom install.

I determined how much space I needed the vice clamping block to extend beyond the bench top and marked that on the maple apron and then clamped the block down to the apron and marked my holes to drill for the vice rods and threading.

I proceeded to drill all my holes both for attaching the apron to the Bench top as well as for the vice rods to be threaded through.

Once the holes were drilled, I secured the apron using the vice to keep it square and used TiteBond II to secure the apron to the Work Bench top along with 2 1/2 " screws.

After the apron was secured I screwed the vice to the top with provided screws, added the front vise hardware and then flipped the Bench Top back over right side up.

I glued the vise spinning rod together with CA glue and then began testing the vice by doing some hand planing with none other than a piece of Walnut! The install was done!!

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► Tools and Supplies Used:

Grizzly Solid Maple Workbench Top:

Cabinet Maker’s Front Vise:

Stick Fast CA Quick-Set Medium 4.5oz:

Stick Fast Aerosol Activator 7.5oz:

Lufkin Measuring Tape:

Bench Dog Push-Bloc:

Milwaukee 6955 12” Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw:

Incra IRSET 12-Inch Marking Rule Set:

WoodPeckers Drill Press Table with Hold Down Clamps:

Wood River No 6 Bench Plane:

Big Horn Push Stick:

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Drill/Driver Combo with One Key:

TiteBond II - Wood Glue:

FastCap Glu-Bot Glue Bottle (16 Ounces) -

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